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What is corporate wellness?

Corporate wellness healthy eatingWellness is a term that is often used to mean “in good health” or “medically well”, but wellness is actually more than this. Aside from physical health, wellness comprises various other factors, such as emotional, spiritual, and occupational health. In other words, wellness encompasses health and balance in body, mind and spirit and refers to an overall state of well-being.  In a working environment, corporate wellness programmes need to pay equal attention to physical, emotional, spiritual and occupational health. 

The quest for wellness is a process of becoming aware that you are responsible for your own well-being and taking steps to create a more balanced lifestyle. The benefits of taking these healthy choices towards total wellness are extensive and include:


  • Physical wellness:

    Choosing to eat healthily and exercise regularly, as well as cutting out detrimental habits (such as smoking or excessive drinking) will make you fitter and more flexible, lessening your risk of falling ill and help you to feel better about your body. You will find that you have more energy and be better able to handle the physical challenges that come your way.
  • Emotional wellness:

    By taking the choice to work on your emotional health, you will learn to manage your feelings and cope better with stress. You will find that your relationships flourish and you will feel more fulfilled as you begin to understand your emotions and express them in the best way possible.

Yin Yang balance

  • Spiritual wellness:

    Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, by exploring the meaning of your life and developing a sense of appreciation of your surroundings, you will find harmony in allowing your personal values to direct your choices.
  • Occupational wellness:

    A large portion of your time is spent at work, and as such, it is important to pursue occupational wellness, which leads to personal satisfaction, improved performance and putting your gifts and talents to the best possible use for your own fulfillment, the benefit of the organisation where you work and society as a whole.



If you are concerned about the corporate wellness of your organisation and would like some guidance on developing healthy habits within your workforce, please contact Katannuta Wellness to see how we can help you.